• Suspension of taxes and contributions (Import Tax, IPI, PIS, COFINS, PIS-Import and COFINS-Import and Additional to Freight for Renewal of the Merchant Navy) in domestic and import purchases. In the importation of capital goods, the incentive applies to new and also used goods, the latter when it is an industrial unit and which is a constituent element of the payment of the company’s capital stock;

• Companies can allocate up to 20% of the gross revenue resulting from the sale of goods and services to the domestic market. However, these sales are entirely taxed on all normal taxes and contributions on the operation and plus taxes / contributions suspended when importing or purchasing inputs in the domestic market.

• In their imports and exports, companies are exempted from permits or authorizations from federal agencies, which are not associated with sanitary controls, in the interest of national security or protection of the environment;

• The tax, exchange and administrative treatment summarized above are guaranteed for a term of up to 20 years, and may be extended for the same period in the case of large investments, which require long amortization periods;

• In addition, companies in SPAs also have access to the following benefits available to any other, regardless of whether it is located in SPAs or not: IR reduction on remittances for commercial promotion abroad; preference in government purchases of computer and automation goods and services; exemption and maintenance of IPI credit and accelerated depreciation for new equipment, machinery, apparatus and instruments; and various benefits (full depreciation, IR reduction over remittances for trademark registration, etc.) for companies engaged in research and development and technological innovation.

• The companies enjoy the freedom of exchange, that is, they can maintain abroad, permanently, 100% of the foreign exchange earned on their exports;


24-hour security service; with complete CCTV system and fixed cameras that report to the Monitoring Center. Intrusion and fire detection system that, through sensors, early warns the occurrence of any emergency.


Well paved streets for cargo transportation. Underground power network with high and medium voltage. Water supply throughout EGEZPE plant, effluent treatment system with capacity to provide large industrial projects.


EGEZPE has a high performance data network, guaranteeing the solidity of the service. IT department that offers all related services, from equipment rental, help desk, supply of data lines and data center.

Companies with industrial projects, supported by the Brazilian ZPE regime, originally had tax, administrative and exchange benefits, as well as long-term legal security, to carry out their operations, since such benefits are assured for a period up to 20 (twenty) years, extendable for the same period, in case of large investments that require long repayment periods.