The ZPE BATAGUASSU  will have an industrial condominium designed to meet the needs of the companies installed in its facilities. The industries will have:

– 2 million m² expandable by another 2 million m², totaling 4 million m²
– Fully bonded area streamlining the processes of the official bodies in the place.
– Lots and sheds for rent.
– Avenues paved to support heavy loads.
– Rainwater galleries, sewage collection system and potable water supply.
– Underground power and street lighting.
– Poll of shared services (monitoring and security, building maintenance and machines, etc.).
– Landscaping with preserved green areas, spaces reserved for a support center and convenience.

Growing state with priority in infrastructure investments. Privileged location: Efficient and inexpensive logistics, Modalities – waterway / road / rail / air. Fluvial ports – Bataguassu and Presidente Epitacio, Proximity with suppliers, Proximity with skilled labor, Region with high quality of life.