The ZPE – Processing and Export Zone of Bataguassu / MS, is an area of ​​free trade with the outside, is an industrial district, destined to the installation of companies to benefit from the suspension of taxes to export, installed in the form of condominium, especially aimed at the production and industrialization of goods, to be marketed abroad, being considered primary zones for effect of customs control.


  • Suspension of taxes on the acquisition of goods and services in the domestic market or in the foreign market.
  • The import and export operations of the companies located in the Bataguassu SPA are exempt from licensing and authorization by the Federal Government agencies.
  • It allows tax suspension, related to the acquisition of new and used machines, equipment, instruments and equipment, destined to the companies installed in the Bataguassu SPA, when incorporated to its property, plant and equipment.
  • Located in the SUDECO area of ​​coverage, which guarantees subsidized financing with a grace period and a term of up to 20 years to pay and write off the Income Tax, at a discount.
  • Complete industrial complex with lots or sheds available for rental, counting on paved avenues, underground electric energy, internet of last generation, public lighting and polo de Condomínio with all infrastructure of shared services.

Why the EGEZPE?

Ability to manage and develop the Bataguassu SPA in line with international best practice…

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EGEZPE Incentives

Companies installed in EGEZPE’s premises have incentives in the domestic market and assistance in exports. …

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Structure of EGEZPE

We have 2 million m² of fully bonded area, rainwater galleries, underground electric power.  …

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Seja Qual for seu ramo, Conheça os benefícios da EGEZPE

Soybean and Grain

Wood and Pulp

Meat and Derivatives

Cotton and fabric

Companies with industrial projects, supported by the Brazilian ZPE regime, originally had tax, administrative and exchange benefits, as well as long-term legal security, to carry out their operations, since such benefits are assured for a period up to 20 (twenty) years, extendable for the same period, in case of large investments that require long repayment periods.